During an ALTARED SPACE private healing session, Aimee uses Reiki, crystals, oils, sound bowls and a gong to help remove energetic blocks within the mind, body and spirit creating an ‘ALTARED SPACE’ of wellness and harmony within and throughout your life.

Reiki is a healing modality where Universal Life Force Energy is shared through hands-on treatment. Each crystal has a unique healing property. Laying them along your spine amplifies the unlocking of your chakras (energetic centers). In combination with Reiki, they will enhance your ability to reach your healthiest, highest self with crystal clarity.  Essential oils and vibrations of the gong and sound bowls will also aid in energizing you and your intentions.

Prior to receiving an ALTARED SPACE healing treatment, Aimee will guide you through a breath meditation to awaken your chakras and set intentions. During the session, Ascended Masters and Spirit Animals will be invoked to provide guidance and protection. She will also incorporate Sacred Geometry Reiki to heal on a deeper molecular level. Should past life ties or traumas arise, Aimee will share soul fragment or soul retrieval healings, as well. The session will end with a gong bath to cleanse and purify any remnants of energies that no longer serve you and amplify your intentions.

A special crystal used during the healing will be gifted to encourage manifesting your intentions thereby promoting your new ALTARED SPACE within.

$90-$120 depending on length. Travel fee for at-home healings depends on distance.

CONNECT with Aimee to schedule a session at her practice in Topanga.

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Release, reveal, and receive! Using crystals and oils along your chakras (energetic centers) to amplify healing, Aimee will first guide you through a chakra balancing meditation that will also aid in clearing past traumas. Then, while vibrations of crystal sound bowls continue to cleanse and purify, she will give each attendee a Reiki healing creating a harmonious ALTARED SPACE within. This is also a great tune-up for those who have received private ALTARED SPACE healings with Aimee. Although you will be gifted a crystal, feel free to bring your own as well.

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