A special ceremonial gift to celebrate and bless anyone for any occasion. Birthdays, bachelor/bachelorettes, showers, reunions, new moons...all are perfect times to come together and make candles or bath salts with essential oils, herbs, sage, cedar, flowers and an abundance of love from friends, family, and all who are invited to manifest and be blessed.

Aimee will first guide you through an opening meditation to activate the energy of miracles and healings. Then, you and/or your loved ones will begin to share your intentions and blessings while making the candle or bath salt to be enjoyed. As the bath salt or candle cleanses and burns away what no longer serves you, those who are gifted this fragrant creation will also soak up and receive the blessings.

All supplies and materials will be provided. Please provide mats, blankets and pillows to sit on for you and your guests. Locations may be unique to your liking. Homes, yards and parks are just a few perfect spaces to share in this beautiful ceremony as well as my practice in Santa Monica.

CONNECT with Aimee for rates, inquiries + to book your candle or bath salt blessing ceremony.