Would you like to give gratitude gifts to your guests for your special occasion? Have an event that you would like to gift your attendees with something special? Want a custom potion made exclusively for your company, studio or brand?

An ALTARED SPACE Potion is just that: a customized hand made spray blended with organic essential oils by Aura Cacia and Floracopoeia that are harvested with respect to Mother Earth at heart and magic in mind. They are also blessed with Reiki, amplified by mantra and gong vibes and charged up by the Full or New Moon and Sun. Simply share what you would like your potion to embody, a few of the scents you love and a special brew will be made just for you.

Potions come in 1, 2 or 4 oz amber glass bottles with a customized label and a cotton bag. CONNECT for inquiries and to place your order.